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Welcome to Coolopolis

Enter the world of Coolopolis, where Mr. Cool Money lives. He along with his financial pals educate the citizens of Coolopolis to build wealth and avoid debt traps. If you decide to become a citizen or even just to visit, Mr. Cool Money hopes that you too will take control of your financial future.

Be Mr. CoolMoney's Hero

Saving money, budgeting, and learning to invest are all critical concepts many young people never learn in their early years. It is not until people are faced with serious financial circumstances that they really start to look at positive ways to handle their financial matters. Any financial advisor will tell you the earlier you start, the better off you will be in the long run.

This is the reason the Youth Educational Empowerment Program (YEEP) has established a program that targets young people beginning in their toddler years. Mr. Cool Money and the Gang is that program. With it, we have characters that focus on different age groups and teach important money management principles that will help participants take control over their financial future.

In order to effectively run this program, we must raise money to develop tools that are engaging and effective. Some of the ideas we have are:

A book on how to save and count money

Live presentations with our characters visiting schools and organizations

A cartoon that is 3D animated that can reach younger kids everywhere

And much more

Many of the above projects have already been started; however, we need your help to continue production in order for us to make the impact that we need in the lives of our young people.

Help Mr. Cool Money restore power back to his cape. By making a donation, you will help Mr. CoolMoney’s cape return to its original color, GREEN, of course. Make a donation of any size and watch Mr. CoolMoney’s cape “Go Green”!!!

Be a part of Mr. Cool Money’s TEAM… Truly Together Everyone Achieves More!!!

As the donations are pouring in, Mr. CoolMoney’s cape is filling up with the power he needs to defeat the Debt Monster and empower our youth to build wealth.

Mr. CoolMoney always says, “Saving Money is a Cool thing to do; and Giving Money is what a real HERO will do”. Be our HERO!

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